It’s a hot muggy Saturday summer night in the UK and I decided to record EVP tonight instead of persisting with visual ITC which so far has yielded no results. Unfortunately there wasn’t much chance of a sensible conversation with Central as one of our rivals was around being a pest. For the first 20 minutes or so I received garbled messages. I knew I was being spoken to, but couldn’t make anything out, so I reported this on my next recording where I asked if they could let me know what the problem was if they could.

EVP “Bertie is problem”
EVP “It’s Bertie, (he’s right next to you)”
EVP “Block us”

I’m assuming this isn’t a request but part of a message to let me know that Bertie was blocking Central.

EVP “Bless you sister”
EVP “Spend more time with Bertie”

I think the message above was from Bertie. This was the last recording of the night. I wonder what he does in my presence when we aren’t actually recording. I shudder to think.

Me “Goodnight”
EVP “Goodbye”

A nice in context EVP to end the evening. Back soon with more paranormal voices.


Nicola (Seeker)

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