I was having a hard time hearing clear voices using my usual computer/gibberish sound file method, so I tried white noise instead. My spirit team are reluctant to use this method, but I wanted to know for my own satisfaction that the garbled messages I was hearing using a sound file, were in fact likely to be hard to hear messages rather than my brain making it up (paredolia). When I wonder this I always stick on white noise just to check they are around. This has never failed me yet, and they’re always there.

Tonight I have got an EVP I thought I would share with you. You are very unlikely to hear it, but you should hear a voice saying something where there should only be a fuzzing sound. I have also run the file through an audio editor to remove the background noise. The enhanced is below the original. In response to the question “can I have names please ?”…

EVP “My names Tony, Anthony”

And again

EVP “My names Tony, Anthony”

Back soon with more paranormal voices.


Nicola (Seeker)

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