Quite a big pause between posts for us, due to personal and health reasons, recommencing beginning of march. Its taken a while to resume services, but normal services were resumed today (including our regular rivals butting in). Here are some EVP from a couple of hours ago.

EVP “Tony”

Tony is one of our regular communicators. Greetings follow;

EVP “Hello Nicki”
EVP “I missed you”
EVP “Nice little video”

That could be referring to any of our videos!

EVP “Don’t”

We were getting heckled and sworn at by rivals. This is one of the admonishments

EVP “Edward”
EVP “Zelensky.. Stop this war”

I started the last recording with my thanks to Central and got this;

EVP “That wasn’t Central”

As well as being away from ITC for a few weeks I’ve also not picked up a guitar in that time and got this..

EVP “Play the guitar
EVP “Nic”

Hope you enjoyed listening. We will be back soon with more voices from the afterlife.


Nicola (Seeker)


  1. Awesome work… And very clear ✌

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