Today was a bit of a washout, connection wise. I struggled to focus and as a result got messages which seemed to come from both Central and an unknown source. First of all a helpful recommendation to chant to alleviate stress and clear the mind..

EVP “It helps – chant!”

These following two messages received in a response to saying I couldn’t hear them. The first is rather unhelpful as this has nothing to do with volume and more to do with my focus and where I was sending out my light. The first probably didn’t come from Central. The second I would have to accept comes from the same source, but is useful suggesting I give up for the day (‘down’ being the vibration)

Me: “Central I can’t hear you! I’m listening”
EVP “Turn it up a bit”
EVP “Turn it off if you think it’s down”

I would think the treacle comment below is commenting on the communication path!

EVP “Aliken to treacle”
EVP “Err that’s the voice”

That’s it for now – back soon with more paranormal voices!


Nicola (Seeker)

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