Sunday is the start of a new week for the Calling Home team – so dutifully I changed the gibberish. I made one from my own voice and resampled the Chris Hitchens gibberish I’d made already. We had some unwanted interruptions – general silliness with sexual references and ‘penis’ said not just once. I’ve saved you from this (I rarely keep these sort of EVP anyway).

EVP “You can stop now”
EVP “She is recording”
EVP “Team members”
EVP “Come on Neville”
EVP “Neville”
EVP “Colin”
EVP “The book”
EVP “It’s a private jet”
EVP “Listen”
EVP “I’m Dobby”
EVP “My name’s Diego”
EVP “Let’s go now”
EVP “Believe me”
EVP “Bridge maker”
EVP “You might like this”
EVP “Who did this?”
EVP “Remind you”

At this point my team left though I soldiered on for another recording only to hear more silliness. Ahhh. Back soon with more recordings from another dimension.

Nicola (Seeker)

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