Second post of the day – this time, EVP from this evening. So I have some lovely EVP today – and just to show you EVP doesn’t all have to be serious and about the afterlife, I’ve posted some more personal observations from the team about my life šŸ™‚ . OK, first off some clear EVP from my team with the lovely ‘Bless you all’ completing the first recording… You will see references to ‘calling’ and ‘phoning’ throughout our blog – this comes up tonight a bit and refers to our method of communication (which is computer and playback but is referred to as ‘phoning’).Read More →

I realised this morning I hadn’t altered the recording settings between ambient and gibberish so some of the EVP are not as clear as usual. In the continued spirit of experimentation I recorded yesterday evening rather than during the day. I got fewer EVP and they sounded different – it didn’t help that my recording volumes were up too high. I switched halfway through to white noise generated by my Alexa device. Here are some EVP from yesterday evening (at the wrong recording volume using gibberish). I liked the remark about not talking to them long – actually I switched over to white noise atRead More →


Following the last few weeks experimenting with conditions, locations etc I’ve come to the conclusion that recording in a smaller room yields better results for EVP. Seems obvious but wasn’t proven to my satisfaction before I tried. I will continue to experiment the odd time in the front room, but for now it’s back to the bedroom. This was noted on the first file of the day. And Michael is very keen that we know he’s there! Michael is a regular communicator, but sometimes he disappears for what seems like months. I’m wondering if the team work on a rota (?) Then I could simplyRead More →

I’ve been thinking about Klaus Schreiber’s ITC work with video in the 1980s. Here is an article about that on World ITC. I believe he used to receive the images, then would transfer them to another video recorder, and the more he did this the clearer the images would become – quite against any earthly logic. I wondered if this would apply to audio and because my file, though only days old, had become flooded with EVP, I thought I would make gibberish out of the gibberish. I made a 3 minute file, altering the length of the segments every minute to see what theRead More →

I decided to change the sound file again today and was quite pleased with the results, as were they (“Sounds good”). First on file 4267 is an EVP that at first made little sense, until I realised it is meant to reassure – calls (contact) comes from a friendly source, natural – nothing to fear. Not sure what the “stop” was about, nor the “waders”. I think most of my team left around file 4270 which is why there are missing files. We’ll be back next week with more voices from the unseen worlds. Peace Nicola(Seeker)Read More →