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Following the last few weeks experimenting with conditions, locations etc I’ve come to the conclusion that recording in a smaller room yields better results for EVP. Seems obvious but wasn’t proven to my satisfaction before I tried. I will continue to experiment the odd time in the front room, but for now it’s back to the bedroom. This was noted on the first file of the day. And Michael is very keen that we know he’s there! Michael is a regular communicator, but sometimes he disappears for what seems like months. I’m wondering if the team work on a rota (?) Then I could simplyRead More →

I’ve been thinking about Klaus Schreiber’s ITC work with video in the 1980s. Here is an article about that on World ITC. I believe he used to receive the images, then would transfer them to another video recorder, and the more he did this the clearer the images would become – quite against any earthly logic. I wondered if this would apply to audio and because my file, though only days old, had become flooded with EVP, I thought I would make gibberish out of the gibberish. I made a 3 minute file, altering the length of the segments every minute to see what theRead More →

Having taken a week away from ITC, I returned today with enthusiasm. I wondered if the problem with the patchy communication had resolved. It was still a slow day for us EVP wise, but I think I’ve got a new audio team, which is a good reason. The new team introduce themselves a little later. I took some time to make a new sound file so any EVP I received would be ‘virgin’. On the first recording, 4304 it sounds like someone was rushing to make the session. The EVP “Koenig’s story” refers to the book I was reading to make the sound file –Read More →

Picture of world

Two days have passed since our last recording session. This morning, as arranged I made a new sound file. Weather in the UK has improved a bit, but there were no EVP received good enough for this blog. I’m not sure what’s going on there. I’m planning to return on Sunday to see if things have improved. Peace Nicola (Seeker)Read More →

We’ve had a funny couple of days communication wise. Most of my listening time was spent hearing old EVP repeatedly on my sound file. I will be changing that before the next recording. I think communication is affected by all sorts of variables. I think something as seemingly irrelevant as our weather here on Earth affects communication. In the UK we have had a week or so of bad weather, wind rain and flood. Both radio and television signals are affected by atmospheric pressure – it makes sense that it would also affect our signal (how my team term our connection). The EVP below areRead More →