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During the days between recordings I talk to my team. This is still ‘praying’, though not a formal affair. The question comes up later about whether they do actually hear me when I’m chatting away while doing chores – file 4213. So going into the first recording of the day, with this on my mind, but focusing on the question from the other day – can I meet my visual ITC team? The first EVP could have been confirming a team was on its way. The second was perhaps commenting on an altercation involving my neighbours on the street outside, an hour or two beforeRead More →

I’ve had an uncomfortable few days ITC wise. I recorded on Monday and then again today as planned, but in between I became quite angry at something I thought was said on Monday. So when I started to record today I was dreading what I was going to receive. I need not have worried, it was kind of business as usual and I’ve calmed down a lot. Over time I have learned to pace myself with an upper time limit on communication, and to verbalise worries I have and project them out. It’s no good me having the hump and hoping they will read myRead More →

We spent two hours together chatting today. Well I was with them two hours – they didn’t get much of a chance to say anything so it’s amazing we have as many EVP as we’ve got. Really nice, mostly positive session. I’ll explain what was happening with each file (click download for the whole file) and what I had said off mic during the intervals when I was listening back to the recording. It also looks like we may have respite from the other guys’ interruptions. This first file, 4173, seems straight forward – some excitement at communicating – “She’s testing” was said before I’dRead More →

Picture of broken pen innard

If you are a regular or recent reader of our blog you will know that not all communication is welcomed by those on the other side. Indeed there are opposing ‘teams’ or ‘gangs’ created intentionally to disrupt ITC. You see, the fewer people that know about eternal life, the more miserable we are. So today’s communication was shortened by people trying to stop our session going ahead. Strangely the very thing they try to stop (capturing of EVP) becomes clearer, brighter, louder and tells its own story. This is what I received today over the course of four recording sessions – two minutes total. AsRead More →

child reaching for jesus in spirit

Just a few EVP from today – Michael was around as you can hear. This may or may not be Michael who was brought to help my original team in 2017. I’ve heard the name dropped in ever since, but not so frequently, so perhaps Michael (new or old) will be a team member. The download button gives the whole recording so can safely be ignored if you’re just here to listen to the EVP I’ve selected. I love the last one. I’ve said to them recently that I miss the ‘thank you’s and love from my original team so the thank yous have beenRead More →