Afterlife (Page 2)

Picture of world

It’s a lovely Sunday here and I had an ITC session this morning which turned out to be emphasizing the message that our world is connected and we need to be one! We do – pass it on. I say a word about embedded EVP at the bottom of this post, if you are interested. Here are a few EVP from today. I got the first part of this EVP on Thursday which I posted on my previous post, ‘just listen – evp from the after life’ . I couldn’t hear the end of the EVP then, but heard it straight away today and knewRead More →

Picture of teddy with hat

Quite a few EVP received today, here are a few. The download buttons are for the full file, and the playable bits are EVP I’ve highlighted for you. These first two EVP definitely need headphones. We had some problem with the volume today, which they altered their side after this first recording. The EVP below is reminding me to keep hydrated. I sometimes get comments about my surroundings. I think the hat amused this visitor. The teddy sits above my head on the bed headboard while I’m recording EVP. Speak to you soon. Nicola (Seeker)Read More →

Picture of eyes in sky

So today was the first recording session using my new file. I was looking forward to hearing the results. I fiddled with the volume after the first few recordings. For some reason some files give louder EVP if the volume is some way down on one slider or another. You’ll need headphones I think. Here are some EVP for today. The download button is for the whole file, where the EVP are hidden. I thought the first two nice and clear though out of context and not an answer to anything I asked. The EVP below is a nice example of intelligent response. Two separateRead More →

Picture of two people walking into the light of the afterlife

Today I thought I would change the format a little to see whether my communicators are aware of global concerns, so I asked them a few questions. They were mostly focused on George Floyd , in fact this EVP was captured before I had asked the question. Both need headphones. The second one seems to be being said in a West Indies accent. The reason there is no preceding question to this EVP is because although I had asked for a repetition of the word happy earlier on, this was inserted in a random place! Here’s a simple introduction… Stay safe. Love and light NicolaRead More →