Animal afterlife

The communications throughout April 2016 are now back online and available through the archive link to the right of this post. Before re-publishing my old posts, I did some editing and added my own notes with the benefit of hindsight. April 2016 was the month when Spirit dogs barked A Dog and a Hat Sunday Morning EVP Dog Day Afternoon Spirit children waited to speak Hearing from Children: Brandon and Carl Drop In More Spirit Children After Death Communication Spirit Children Communication Progressing Konstantin Raudive made an (audio) appearance Konstantin Raudive Drops In EVP Spiritual messages and music was received The Spiritual Purpose Behind ITCRead More →

“I love you lots“. Remember you are loved and missed more than you know. Keep smiling and chugging through this thing we erroneously call life. Everything is going to be OK. Lots of love, Nicola xx “All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.” ― Julian of NorwichRead More →

I held two recording sessions today. One is more what we would refer to as ‘last night’ – I hadn’t gone to bed but was still up recording at 2, 3am.  I got many responses, but only a handful I can post here. “Hi Nicki” This was the one and only (published) response from the early hours. The rest are from Wednesday evening. “Goldfinger”. 😀 Ahhh! The infamous goldfish which either completely foxes the team, or they enjoy playing around with it, so I think I’ve now got clownfish, monkfish and now goldfinger! Occasionally I do get ‘goldfish’ though, so I know they can manageRead More →

Another long day of recording. The signal started out pretty poor with hardly a response to be heard, however I plugged on and we pushed through it, eventually being able to exchange a few words here and there. The big news today was Buster was back (and alone) and seemed to take over the whole show! Here’s a few human responses first.. “Montague”. “Happy”. Woof! Spirit Animal Communication! There were another three recordings of Buster ‘talking’, but these were mixed in with some personal stuff so I haven’t published them. Buster barked over me saying ‘He used to avoid me pretty much’. It’s an inescapable fact thatRead More →

We connected for a short time this morning – guess who was there?…. (Dog barking) I got a few unexpected answers during our first recording. I heard the team assert “We’ve tried to make contact loads of times”. Spurred on by this I tried a couple of open-ended questions but could discern no audible replies. So it was back to the repetitions… “Daveene”. “Elsie”.Read More →