My team were present for the first two recording files today. I was advised immediately that it was a ‘race’ to leave EVP. This isn’t a race between themselves, but a race to leave messages before people ruined the session. The first two files were inundated with EVP, the files after that… well scroll down and you can see! I had stations on my mind today as the subject’s come up recently, but something I was pleasantly suprised to hear was an answer to my question during prayers last night… “Do you see the people that are disturbing sessions?”. Going back a few years IRead More →

My next question was “Follow your leader you said. Who is my or our leader please?”. The simple reply was “God is” For this session, because I heard ‘God’ in the file above, off mic I said to my communicators that God is a gossamer concept for many so we need to firm God up for our dull human brains to understand. Unfortunately the communicators with those messages had left at the end of the last recording. If you listen back to the very end of the 4181 recording you will hear an EVP that is cut off – “They are goi(ng)”. I did hearRead More →

I was just watching an old Unsolved Mysteries about the Roswell ‘Incident’. Lots of camera shots of the sky. We can (and we have) developed telescopes that can see light years away. As far as seeking other life, it’s been a waste of time and money and like expecting to see our dead relatives sitting on a cloud drifting past our window. I think we have seen the majority of what we can expect to see with magnifying instruments. If only more (any) time were spent developing instruments to study different dimensions. Instead of looking straight ahead for an unfeasibly long distance, we looked justRead More →