electronic mediumship

My next question was “Follow your leader you said. Who is my or our leader please?”. The simple reply was “God is” For this session, because I heard ‘God’ in the file above, off mic I said to my communicators that God is a gossamer concept for many so we need to firm God up for our dull human brains to understand. Unfortunately the communicators with those messages had left at the end of the last recording. If you listen back to the very end of the 4181 recording you will hear an EVP that is cut off – “They are goi(ng)”. I did hearRead More →

Whilst I’m waiting for the right time to do my next ITC research I thought I would compile a list of my favourite EVP gathered over the past few years, starting with 2016. They’ll be favourites in different ways so I will offer an explanation for each one. Dogs in the Afterlife This is a little gem from March 2016, barely a month after I started ITC research. I am asking about a small dog (a cavalier king charles spaniel) that is in spirit but had previously popped up on my recordings along with my father. The little guy’s name is Buster and you canRead More →

This time I’ve decided to convert the full EVP recording sessions to downloadable files as it’s too easy to click on one thinking it is a saved EVP when in fact you’ll be listening to gibberish with no guidance as to what is there. So you can download any of these files, but the ones with a download button are the longer unedited ones. First recording didn’t yield much but this – cheeky statement, not sure what that’s all about. As is fairly common, someone will take the half second or so chance to say something before I say hello. šŸ™‚ The first EVP recordingRead More →

Today I decided to ‘be naughty’ and attempt ITC research in a room other than one that had previously been deemed ‘soundproof’ by my team. This extraordinary measure was set up a couple of years ago because I was being targeted by another ‘team’ (otherside) (let’s call them team zero) who were doing their best to disrupt communication. It did work for a while, and we got away with having a few sessions without interruptions, but unfortunately team zero soon learnt that things weren’t as quiet as they thought, and they started barging in on sessions. And then I became ill. So this is reallyRead More →

I had a short session this afternoon and got a dozen or so EVP over two minutes. I had a burst of activity on the first recording and several personal EVP with words of encouragement. I asked whether any of my team or anyone was around me and got this Can you hear it? She says “David”. This one is tougher to hear, but I’ve put what I hear below.. “Special case means jobs around you” That’s absolutely true. With the coronavirus pandemic currently in full flow the British government have asked people to volunteer to act as delivery drivers for those that cannot getRead More →