Electronic Voice Phenomena

I realised this morning I hadn’t altered the recording settings between ambient and gibberish so some of the EVP are not as clear as usual. In the continued spirit of experimentation I recorded yesterday evening rather than during the day. I got fewer EVP and they sounded different – it didn’t help that my recording volumes were up too high. I switched halfway through to white noise generated by my Alexa device. Here are some EVP from yesterday evening (at the wrong recording volume using gibberish). I liked the remark about not talking to them long – actually I switched over to white noise atRead More →

Picture of world

The Calling Home team have been chatting all week. I waited until today to update the blog, but noticed most of the EVP on this page are from today. Oh well! My cat interrupted the session, again. He hears me chatting away behind a door and let’s me know he wants to come in and join in whatever fun I’m having. More about him later. So the download buttons you can largely ignore unless you want to hear what happens in the EVP session. I’ve cut some EVP out of these files and put them on this page for you to listen to. Use headphonesRead More →

child reaching for jesus in spirit

This week has been busy with ITC. We’ve been in touch every day, but I’ve still had problems where I’ve been thinking nobody can hear me and been fretting about it. However I got this EVP early on in the week, so I’ve changed format back to just ‘listening’. I’ve also created a new gibberish file for our use. As a result communication is clearer and I’m attracting the attention of someone who appears to be conducting the communication. The download buttons are for the whole file, but you can play the EVP from this page.. I love it when I get EVP like this.Read More →

Whilst I’m waiting for the right time to do my next ITC research I thought I would compile a list of my favourite EVP gathered over the past few years, starting with 2016. They’ll be favourites in different ways so I will offer an explanation for each one. Dogs in the Afterlife This is a little gem from March 2016, barely a month after I started ITC research. I am asking about a small dog (a cavalier king charles spaniel) that is in spirit but had previously popped up on my recordings along with my father. The little guy’s name is Buster and you canRead More →

EVP An extremely short session today as I wasn’t feeling well and the communication took a sinister turn, which it can do sometimes if I’m out of sorts. Here are a few EVP from the 90 seconds of recording time they had, spread over 45 minutes. “Nic’s impatient” I didn’t feel impatient, but I did unceremoniously abort the recording session after a short time. So perhaps I was. 🙂 “I love you” “Who’s made that decision?” Love and light Nicola  Read More →