Picture of world

This evening I returned to recording and used a female (my) gibberish sound file for amplification. Note some of the distinctly male voices received (eg. file 4725). I had some trouble connecting this evening. I was feeling a little downcast and I think this affected the results. The suggestion to play music was made several years ago but is something I’ve abandoned in recent months. Today music was mentioned again… … so on this next file I asked about what kind of music. The answer is also something I’ve heard before. The music needs to be upbeat and happy to literally lift my spirits.. SoRead More →

Building bridges to the afterlife

I’m writing this on New Year’s Day, having delayed because EVP have been very difficult to hear, but not non-existent. I think it is fair to say that since switching from my previous team to Central station there have been some teething problems with sound quality. I’ve still kept to recording on a regular basis for two hours, but little is non-personal and of high enough quality to make public on this blog. These two EVP were received on 30th December – hence the date of the post. What I understand about the Christmas EVP is that this is a manmade celebration. Indeed I thinkRead More →