itc opposing forces

My team were present for the first two recording files today. I was advised immediately that it was a ‘race’ to leave EVP. This isn’t a race between themselves, but a race to leave messages before people ruined the session. The first two files were inundated with EVP, the files after that… well scroll down and you can see! I had stations on my mind today as the subject’s come up recently, but something I was pleasantly suprised to hear was an answer to my question during prayers last night… “Do you see the people that are disturbing sessions?”. Going back a few years IRead More →

Picture of broken pen innard

If you are a regular or recent reader of our blog you will know that not all communication is welcomed by those on the other side. Indeed there are opposing ‘teams’ or ‘gangs’ created intentionally to disrupt ITC. You see, the fewer people that know about eternal life, the more miserable we are. So today’s communication was shortened by people trying to stop our session going ahead. Strangely the very thing they try to stop (capturing of EVP) becomes clearer, brighter, louder and tells its own story. This is what I received today over the course of four recording sessions – two minutes total. AsRead More →