I’ve been thinking about Klaus Schreiber’s ITC work with video in the 1980s. Here is an article about that on World ITC. I believe he used to receive the images, then would transfer them to another video recorder, and the more he did this the clearer the images would become – quite against any earthly logic. I wondered if this would apply to audio and because my file, though only days old, had become flooded with EVP, I thought I would make gibberish out of the gibberish. I made a 3 minute file, altering the length of the segments every minute to see what theRead More →

My team were present for the first two recording files today. I was advised immediately that it was a ‘race’ to leave EVP. This isn’t a race between themselves, but a race to leave messages before people ruined the session. The first two files were inundated with EVP, the files after that… well scroll down and you can see! I had stations on my mind today as the subject’s come up recently, but something I was pleasantly suprised to hear was an answer to my question during prayers last night… “Do you see the people that are disturbing sessions?”. Going back a few years IRead More →

Picture of two people walking into the light of the afterlife

It’s a new week, and we continued with the sound file made on Friday. I am already looking forward to seeing the back of it because it’s now riddled with embedded EVP that I have to listen to repeatedly. However I’ve already found this beneficial. Second EVP on this page mentions Kyle, who appears on my post “New Gibberish Sound File – ITC Research“. Peace Nicola (Seeker)Read More →

I made a new sound file today. I use a microphone for this and I left it on intentionally when I started ITC today, to see how it sounded. Dreadful really. I got some EVP but there was a hum/crackle of background noise all the time. Nothing good enough to put here. So we will start with the second recording of the day, file 4222. I was smoking as I heard the EVP “You’re smoking”. I’m not sure about the oat EVP. I do like oats – so does someone else by the sound of it – with extra salt! What a lovely clear EVPRead More →

I woke up in a bit of a funk this morning which is not like me, particularly if doing ITC in the day. I worried and fretted about this but the only way to find out what was going on was to ‘call home’, which I did. I got a comment about my mood immediately – and then a clue at the end – “last night”. It was only a post or two ago that I commented I never remember my dreams, which is the perfect opportunity for both my team – and others – to talk to me or whisper in my ear. AtRead More →