Life after death

Because of the interruptions, I spent a couple of days recording using ambient EVP. Both because I need to explore how EVP sound using mediums other than our usual (a phonetic human voice gibberish sound file) and because our usual method is so good at amplifying, I hear any unwanted communication x 10! I’ve not done anything to the EVP on this page other than capture them as they are, in situ, without amplification. They are very hard to hear and you will definitely need headphones! First are EVP from the 27th October – only a handful as they are hard to hear. I wasRead More →

Picture of electric guitar and fender speaker

It’s been a challenging week for the Calling Home team. We have had constant disruptions. I’ve ploughed on regardless, though I’ve alternated between using a sound file and using ambient, taking the time lent to me by the unwelcome interlocutors to experiment. So thank you them. 😉 On this page I’m publishing EVP from the 26th and 29th October captured using a gibberish sound file. I’ve also included a couple of EVP from my unwanted visitors, to show what can happen during an ITC session. I’m sure you can guess which ones. I’m publishing on 1st November 2020. Lovely clear EVP at the end. TheRead More →

Picture of EVP on laptop

After updating the blog on Friday, I decided to act on an idea I’d had a few days before. One of the downsides with using gibberish is that unless the communicator is extremely experienced they will take what they are given and work with that. By this, I mean if they are given a sound file made of a female voice, they can sound gender neutral if they are male. And I’ve also experienced children trying to use the sound file and sounding like adults which would be disconcerting with bereavement work. So, I created a sound file of gibberish made from children’s voices andRead More →

Second post of the day – this time, EVP from this evening. So I have some lovely EVP today – and just to show you EVP doesn’t all have to be serious and about the afterlife, I’ve posted some more personal observations from the team about my life 🙂 . OK, first off some clear EVP from my team with the lovely ‘Bless you all’ completing the first recording… You will see references to ‘calling’ and ‘phoning’ throughout our blog – this comes up tonight a bit and refers to our method of communication (which is computer and playback but is referred to as ‘phoning’).Read More →