I’m back after a short break, and bearing in mind some EVP I received on the 23rd, I asked to speak to Central. Central is one of the stations set up in the astral specifically for communicating from the afterlife to ITC researchers here on Earth. You can hear the suggestion I call Central on my post ‘The helpers are angels‘, from the 23rd December. Central is also known as Centrale or Zentrale – another station is TimeStream. I had received some ‘off colour’ messages (just for a change) and I wondered whether Central could also hear them or whether I needed to ‘tell’ themRead More →

Picture of wood bridge

Again it’s been a while since I updated this blog considering we are still recording at least four times a week. Reasons being that the EVP are fewer and of poor quality for the most part. ITC opponents are still sniffing around and sending vulgar EVP. I don’t keep these! So, starting from 10th December here are some EVP that should stand up to scrutiny. As per usual the entire file (other than 4601) is available for download so there are many more EVP to be found if you care to listen. First some talk of a children’s birthday party from 10th December 2020. AllRead More →