Spirit team

Picture of two people walking into the light of the afterlife

I’m posting things backwards at the moment! We had some off-days in the week and I’m still writing a post for that! But on to today. It was down to pleasurable business as we discussed teams and visual ITC. Brand new sound file created with my scrambled voice reading a chapter from ‘Listen’. So for the first recording the team are establishing their presence and there’s in context EVP relating to the team. Apart, that is, from the strange EVP about my toes. I hope I misheard it. I’d been in touch with a reader recently who had asked about video ITC which reminded meRead More →

Bridge to the afterlife

Things are still up in the air, communication wise. The first 4 EVP on this page are from Tuesday and Thursday this week. Still within the “couple of days” mentioned on the previous post “Discordant Vibrations”. First, a warning “it’s turning bad“. My weight has been on my mind, this I think is why I got the EVP telling me to take laxatives. :-l We’ve finally arrived at today, Friday 17th July 2020. I was still using the same file from the 10th of July but I had received some powerful EVP which had lodged on the file. After running the file through three times,Read More →

child reaching for jesus in spirit

Just a few EVP from today – Michael was around as you can hear. This may or may not be Michael who was brought to help my original team in 2017. I’ve heard the name dropped in ever since, but not so frequently, so perhaps Michael (new or old) will be a team member. The download button gives the whole recording so can safely be ignored if you’re just here to listen to the EVP I’ve selected. I love the last one. I’ve said to them recently that I miss the ‘thank you’s and love from my original team so the thank yous have beenRead More →

Picture of world

The Calling Home team have been chatting all week. I waited until today to update the blog, but noticed most of the EVP on this page are from today. Oh well! My cat interrupted the session, again. He hears me chatting away behind a door and let’s me know he wants to come in and join in whatever fun I’m having. More about him later. So the download buttons you can largely ignore unless you want to hear what happens in the EVP session. I’ve cut some EVP out of these files and put them on this page for you to listen to. Use headphonesRead More →

Picture of teddy with hat

Quite a few EVP received today, here are a few. The download buttons are for the full file, and the playable bits are EVP I’ve highlighted for you. These first two EVP definitely need headphones. We had some problem with the volume today, which they altered their side after this first recording. The EVP below is reminding me to keep hydrated. I sometimes get comments about my surroundings. I think the hat amused this visitor. The teddy sits above my head on the bed headboard while I’m recording EVP. Speak to you soon. Nicola (Seeker)Read More →