Video Feedback Loop

Konstantin Raudive seemed to be around for this recording too. I may be thinking about it quite wrongly – perhaps there’s a spiritual equivalent of a conference call so that others can join in from other ‘locations’ across the astral plane rather than be physically present. We talked about burn-ons (Dr. Raudive’s greeting yesterday popped up again today – identical) and Video ITC today. “Cod-fish”. This is a repetition of Goldfish. If the communicator tries to say Goldfish it sounds hideous. So I usually get no response, or ‘Cod fish’, or ‘Monk fish’. 🙂 “I’m here”. This sounds like Konstantin Raudive. “That’s Monty”. “The coffee”Read More →

Ugh. I was just updating this page and managed to delete the entire entry.. so here I am rewriting it. It’s tough to get audible responses to anything other than our stock communication questions, but I thought I would give it a go and asked about guardian angels. “Oh yes”. I was talking to the team about using a video feedback loop to try to receive videos or images from their side. Here’s my lead communicator sounding like a patient uncle as I prattle on about my cables and the camcorder. “Yes”. 😀 I asked whether the team I communicate with verbally will also be the visualRead More →