Video ITC

I have very half-heartedly tried direct radio voice (DRV) in the past. I have a CD player with a radio that I’ve left on white noise for a while. However after x number of minutes the device would intelligently decide it has been left on by accident and snap off. I bought some old radios on eBay but couldn’t get them working. So after watching a few YouTube videos I was inspired to write to my colleague Lance from EVP Contact (see links on right) and ask his advice about which radio. A few hours (minutes) later and I have a Degen 1103 winging itsRead More →

I did today’s recording sessions in the morning and the afternoon. “His name is Bobby”. “People lean on you, give it time”. “Don’t forget me”. “Most people don’t come in”. The response when I asked about progress with ITC researchers earthside. “The angel from Eire/air”.Read More →

Konstantin Raudive seemed to be around for this recording too. I may be thinking about it quite wrongly – perhaps there’s a spiritual equivalent of a conference call so that others can join in from other ‘locations’ across the astral plane rather than be physically present. We talked about burn-ons (Dr. Raudive’s greeting yesterday popped up again today – identical) and Video ITC today. “Cod-fish”. This is a repetition of Goldfish. If the communicator tries to say Goldfish it sounds hideous. So I usually get no response, or ‘Cod fish’, or ‘Monk fish’. 🙂 “I’m here”. This sounds like Konstantin Raudive. “That’s Monty”. “The coffee”Read More →

Ugh. I was just updating this page and managed to delete the entire entry.. so here I am rewriting it. It’s tough to get audible responses to anything other than our stock communication questions, but I thought I would give it a go and asked about guardian angels. “Oh yes”. I was talking to the team about using a video feedback loop to try to receive videos or images from their side. Here’s my lead communicator sounding like a patient uncle as I prattle on about my cables and the camcorder. “Yes”. 😀 I asked whether the team I communicate with verbally will also be the visualRead More →