I’m back after a short break, and bearing in mind some EVP I received on the 23rd, I asked to speak to Central. Central is one of the stations set up in the astral specifically for communicating from the afterlife to ITC researchers here on Earth. You can hear the suggestion I call Central on my post ‘The helpers are angels‘, from the 23rd December. Central is also known as Centrale or Zentrale – another station is TimeStream.

Me “Can you tell me – am I talking to Central, please? I’m listening”
EVP “Yes, that’s right”
Me: “Central, can you tell me, do you know me please – I’m listening”
EVP “Ah, yes”
EVP “Can you speak to me?”
EVP “It’s Neville”
EVP “Thank you”
EVP “I’ve found you”

I had received some ‘off colour’ messages (just for a change) and I wondered whether Central could also hear them or whether I needed to ‘tell’ them (either verbally or non-verbally), so I thought I would come straight to the point and ask if they were aware of some of the messages coming in from other sources.. they were..

Me: “Can you tell me please, whether you are aware of all of the communication I can hear? I’m listening.”
EVP “Yes”

Thank you for reading and listening! Subscribe and come back soon for more paranormal voices. Till then


Nicola (Seeker)

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