To establish a connection I ask a series of mundane questions. To be honest only a few get a response. I don’t know whether this is because they cannot hear me, or whether they are disinclined to answer or whether I cannot hear them. I must have had a few recordings with no responses (remember I am writing a month later so do not remember) and received this message. It was said a few seconds after I asked if there was anybody available to communicate.

Response to my question, “Is the signal getting through? If so please say ‘signal'”.


During my days recordings I also heard a lot of ‘happy’s in response to a repetition question asking for ‘happy’ to be said and one ‘hi’. The ‘Hi’ isn’t included here as it’s a one syllable word and could easily have been just a sound on the sound file. The happys are numerous and unheard at the time so I didn’t make any clips. There will be plenty of opportunities to hear ‘happy’ in future posts. One of my repetition questions is to ask for a repeat of the word ‘goldfish’. I got it, but it sounds very distorted – as if someone is talking down a drainpipe – so I won’t include it here.

Recordings 3-8

Republished on 14th May 2017