I’ve been anti state sanctioned murder for as long as I can remember, but this post isn’t about my views. The views shared here come from a much more profound source. If you believe in the afterlife you must listen. If you are a death penalty proponent and a believer in eternal life it is your duty to listen, heed and take action. It is your duty.

It has been my absolute pleasure to read “Voices in the Dark” by Leslie Flint. I devoured it voraciously and after reading about his life as a medium there were some absolute gems right at the end of the book. And this is what I want to quote and paraphrase.

Leslie held a seance in 1962 whilst there were still five categories of murder punishable by hanging in the United Kingdom. During this seance a man, Lord Birkenhead, manifested in the seance room. In life, Lord Birkenhead was a former Lord Chancellor of England, a stalwart believer in the death penalty who died in 1930. He spoke urgently for over an hour on the necessity for total abolition of the death penalty having seen what happens when these souls, unprepared, enraged and hateful meet their untimely demise at the hands of state executioners. I will quote Lord Birkenhead.

This is an aspect of criminal law most in need of change. Whether it is through the hangman’s noose or whether it is done by some other supposedly more humane method, nothing justifies the taking of life outside the law or inside it.Lord Birkenhead (died 1930) through Leslie Flint Direct Voice Mediumship Seance 1962

He then goes on to say that his views were quite opposed to those he held on Earth and explains..

I have seen the effects on this side of life, when the law sends souls here who are unprepared and unready; their minds in turmoil, filled with thoughts of hate, revenge and fear.Lord Birkenhead (died 1930) through Leslie Flint Direct Voice Mediumship Seance 1962

He elaborates that these revengeful souls can linger near the Earth and influence the minds of those that can be easily influenced. This would either be through instability or resonance (after all there are angry murderers in the making on Earth that just need a little push). He offers an alternative that should be obvious to the reasonable reader.. these people should be put to useful work to serve humanity for the rest of their natural life. See page 224 of Leslie Flint’s “Voices in the Dark” book.

Voices in the dark book picture
Voices in the dark book by Leslie Flint

It has never made sense to me to release these souls that may have perpetrated atrocities into the freedom of the next world where they can wreak havoc with this world. Our world is becoming more and more violent. We already have incarnates that are violent and murderous, treading the same path as the people we are looking at here. But there are fragile minds, there are minds that aren’t quite in the realm of criminality and these minds are the ones that can be influenced by the released executed.

I have seen the sickness, the monsters, the child killers, the rapists, the sex fiends.. I have seen them on television. Whilst learning is all very well and good, our human nature, the very curiosity that makes us human, is adding to the problem. Why do we need to know the names and faces of these creatures? I could reel off perhaps two dozen infamous killers and hardly any victims, which outnumber their murderers sometimes in the dozens, and reputedly sometimes by the hundreds.

These people are not paying for their crimes my friends. People think they are, because to many dead is dead, or dead is Heaven or hell, or dead is better than living behind bars at the tax payers expense.

DEAD IS NOT DEAD. There is no hell as popularised by Dante.. only their own kind of light (which most of us would find hellish). We release these souls to do as they wish. The fear they feel as their execution date approaches, and the moment of execution is but a moment of “punishment” in an eternal life. At the moment of death they are freed as light as a feather, brimming with vitality and probably rage.

All life must be served to its full and natural conclusion. All lessons learned or ignored. That is the natural order of things and there are only too many enraged bitter spirits waiting to enfold these executed people to their bosom, showing faux love and camaraderie, waiting to teach them new ways to kill and create misery and despair.

If you are in a country that uses state sanctioned murder to get rid of unwanted souls it is your God given duty to campaign against this barbaric law. Make no mistake this is not a call for leniency, this is imperative. Imperative. We are going in ever decreasing circles, and the noose is tightening.


Nicola (Seeker)

Profound thanks go to Leslie Flint and his dedication to the world of Spirit, this side and the other side. Please visit LeslieFlint.com where you can learn more about his work and buy his marvellous book.