New Maps of Heaven

I found this wonderful book on the net and wanted to share it with you.

I’ll be adding pages over time.

Discarnate Travellers

  1. Coming Home
  2. The Borderlands – Awakening
  3. The Planes of Life
  4. The Astral Plane – Arrival
  5. The Astral Plane – Orientation
  6. The Astral Plane – Common Summerland Elements
  7. The Astral Plane – The Higher Summerlands
  8. The Astral Plane – The Lower Summerlands
  9. The Astral Plane – The Stony Plane
  10. The Astral Plane – The Dark Plane
  11. The Mental Plane – The First Heaven
  12. The Judgment
  13. The Second Death
  14. The Mental Plane – The Second Heaven
  15. The Mental Plane – The Third Heaven
  16. The Buddhic Plane
  17. The Christ Sphere
  18. Human Planes Beyond the Christ Sphere
  19. The Angelic Sphere
  20. The Childrens’ Sphere
  21. The Animal Kingdom
  22. Hierarchy
  23. Work
  24. Religion

New Maps of Heaven Bibliography

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“The riddle of ‘Scott’s’ identity [was] not difficult to guess. He is Colonel T.E. Lawrence. He first wrote for me in 1938 and from the beginning he used his own name. But as soon as any question of publication arise he demanded of me a promise to respect his anonymity. This promise I gave. …

“In process of time this reaction [to his own fame] decreased in power and almost disappeared as though he had at last become indifferent to his fame. In Post-Mortem Journal he has taken very little trouble to conceal his identity and I think we may conclude that it is no longer a matter of concern to him.” (Jane Sherwood, medium, PMJ, 10-2.)

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“His character was a combination of strength and tenderness, string in rectitude and every manly virtue, but tender and understanding toward the weaknesses of others. He had a well-balanced brain, clear, excellent judgment, and keen artistic perceptions. But the bias of his mind was toward the practical rather than the poetical, while for mysticism and all occult matters he had no toleration.

“A keen sportsman, he reveled in the beauty of river and loch. Few men ever won more affection from other men than did he and, when he passed, they told me with one voice that he was the most loveable man they had ever known.” (F. Heslop, SABL, xix.)

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From an e-mail with Dr. Mike Timns, March 15, 2008: “[Stainton] Moses continually asked for the earthly identifications of Imperator and the others. Imperator initially refused, informing Moses that revealing their earthly names would result in casting additional doubt on the validity of the messages.

“However, Imperator later revealed their names, advising Moses that they should not be mentioned in the book he would write. It was not until after Moses’s death that the identities were made public by A. W. Trethewy in a book, The Controls of Stainton Moses. Imperator was Malachias, the Old Testament prophet. Rector was Hippolytus and Doctor was Athenodorus. Imperator took directions from Preceptor, who was Elijah. Preceptor, in turn, communed directly with Jesus. Other communicators in the band of 49 included Daniel, Ezekiel, John the Baptist, Solon, Plato, Aristotle, Seneca, Plotinus, Alexander Achillini, Al-Ghazzali, Kabbila, Chom, Said, Roophal, and Magus.” (Mike Tymn to Brother Anonymous, E-mail, 15 March 2008.)

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Mary has a lot of good, hard sense. Trust her and go ahead. (Professor William James to Charlotte Dresser of circle leader Mary Bosworth in SWSL, 241.)

I sent out messengers, and, though it has been a long search, I have found you in a circle who are well beloved by those of higher spheres. Mary is a safe teacher and friend. Dee is your dearest friend and a lovely spirit. Trust them. The others I cannot see so well; but all are fine, and I am grateful that you, my friend, are cared for so wisely. (Unnamed friend of Charlotte Dresser’s, SWSL, 183.)

Then Sis [Charlotte Dresser] asked [her sister and spirit group coleader] Dee to tell her how Mary looked.

“Mary has dark eyes and is taller than I am. We are not alike in looks, but are alike in perceptions, tastes, and desires. We have different work, and each has different interests; yet we are closely related. Can you understand?” (Dee of Mary in SWSL, 50.)

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“‘Thavis’ is his Other Side name, Apparently all souls who work with humans adopt names by which they identify themselves…. Thavis lived in France during the eighteenth century and, he told me, he had lived here [on Earth] in a previous incarnation. He was a journalist of sorts and a politician in his last [i.e., the French] life here.” (Harry Homewood, TIH, 26.)

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Betty Bethards, founder of the Inner Light Foundation, is a meditation teacher, mystic, and psychic channel. At several different sessions an associated asked Betty questions about death. Betty was in a state of light trance, which allowed answers to come through her from the other side or the next dimension of existence.

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