“The Bible isn’t the Culprit” Wise Voices From Heaven EVP From the Afterlife

This will be a two part post today, because the matter dealt with here deserves its own post.

I dislike getting political or sage – that isn’t my deal. I am not political and I’m not wise. But I know men who are. The recent terrorist attacks done in God’s name by Muslim extremists that are fond of quoting their sacred book, the koran/qu’ran is being addressed from the next life.

The following italicised paragraphs are my own soap box, offering my own thoughts to the members of the extremist groups that believe in Sharia law and a caliphate. That believe God is quick to anger and insists upon certain rituals and dress. These are my thoughts, and as my brothers in spirit have touched on the subject, I will speak, though I wouldn’t usually. If you have come here just to hear their message, without the ‘benefit’ of my own thoughts, please skip to the paragraph near the bottom in ordinary font.

Religion and sacred books are not my thing – simply because they have been tarnished to a degree through a human mind. They may be the word of God, but no human has walked this planet without a human mind and therefore an ego. An ego will colour everything, therefore the words in a sacred book may not be as God intended them to be. That is my first point – what has been taken to heart as the word of God by man through thousands of years has been tarnished by human thinking. The Christian bible was the word of God as received by the disciples. the Koran/qu’ran the word of God as received by a prophet. All of these humans have egos, no matter how hard they would have tried, their egos would have inserted something of Them Selves in those words, and these words, instead of the hearts of man where God speaks, is what people have been following without question in some instances. It has been touched by man. It is not pure. Rarely does man write literally. Man uses metaphors to impress points, and words to perpetuate their own beliefs and desires. The sacred books will not be without these blights. Witness two opposing parts of the sacred book. Why? Human egos will impose over the intended words. God does not become confused and say one thing, then the opposite – that is the hand of the scribe and his ego that does that.

Your sacred book is not pure. It cannot be.

The promise of rewards of virgins in exchange for acts of murder committed in God’s name has me bemused. When the earthly body is no more and the less dense astral body is assumed, why would anybody be interested in sex as a means to get bodily release for a body that no longer exists? Who are the virgins? It is assumed, I suppose, the virgins are women – girls perhaps – there to reward men that murder in God’s name. What? The genders have to work in harmony to bring the best out of each other, not subjugate each other. Women are not there to serve men sexually and this alone, just as men are not there to serve women with protection and this alone. We are all things to each other and we need each other without compromise. When you die early by your own hands, you have given your earthly voice for God up. This is your chance to speak for a God you would already die for.

The sacrifice of the flesh is a poor substitute for the sacrifice of the soul in lifelong service to others.

I read an article the other day where an ISIS member was celebrating the fact that children and babies were among the innocent dead. His words were along the lines that they and their families should be grateful as they went to heaven early. What? No! Life here is lived here for a reason. You have no right to take a life of any age. Do not use the ‘doing them a favour’ argument. You are not to decide who lives and who dies. You are just a speck of dirt, just like I.

It is ego, not God, that murders and maims.

For years my trite declaration that religion is the foundation of all wars was uttered without much thought. On the surface it does seem that religion is to blame (is the culprit) for wars. Now I believe religion was organised to give man direction. It has been subjected to change and corruption over eons. This wasn’t the original intention and I have to stop thinking like that. What is at the root of all wars, including ones that seem to be religious in nature, is ignorance. Those that follow, will follow the word in the sacred books, which as I opined earlier, is tainted. Those that lead will often not go for religion and talk of ‘miracles’ and things that don’t make sense in this harsh physical world. Those intelligent ones that do lead religion, beware of. They may be ego on legs, demanding or commanding worship of their frail human selves or their church (best shown by monetary donations). 

Religion is not to blame for wars – man’s interpretation of religious values is.

Finally onto my brothers’ (our brothers) message that was the catalyst for this post.. The words are simple and said twice. The meaning – considering how much emphasis the extreme muslims are putting on the word of their sacred book, our brothers remind us that they, not their sacred book, are to blame for their acts of terrorism and horror.

The bible isn’t the culprit

Technical information for these EVP – the two EVP seem to be said by different voices, or at least with slightly different intonations. The accent is south west England – perhaps Bristolian, perhaps Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset, Cornish or Devonshire.

They were saved on two separate parts of the played back sound file, so they aren’t actually the same EVP. The only change made to each EVP is an amplification by approximately 10db.

Granted, it is odd that there seems to be the same exclamation at the end of each EVP, but I am certain these are two separate EVP.

Love to you all.

Be good, kind and love each other.

Nicola x

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