On our first file tonight we have some greetings, a mention of ‘Sainsburys’ (yes my days get more thrilling the older I get) and my friend and fellow ITC researcher, Lance..

EVP “It’s Nicki”
EVP “Nicki”
EVP “Sainsburys”
EVP “Lance hears her”
EVP “Hello sis”
EVP “Just got to be patient”

Tonight I said my prayer to St Michael in both English and Latin. My Latin pronunciation was awful and I mischievously asked my communicators what they thought of it, having told them off mic it was perfectly alright to say it was rubbish. Instead I got a reference to the YouTube video I had used to learn it (unfortunately said with an American accent at times) “It will help you say it” – I’ve included the video. Also take note of the first EVP I saved from that file – on playback I was concerned enough to ask why I am getting messages about missing me (were they going somewhere?). The answer and a further explanation is on file #4637.

EVP “They’re gonna miss you”
EVP “It will help you say it”

So here I ask about the ‘miss you’ messages. I had received at least one along those lines two nights ago and had ignored it, recognising it as coming from our recently banished opponents. However the one I got tonight seemed a bit more like my team, so I had to ask the question – look at the answer I got.. And below that I have included the EVP “I’m gonna miss you” I received two nights ago that I instinctively knew was from an opponent (‘evil party’).

Me: “Could you tell me please.. I received some EVP recently err saying ‘we’re going to miss you’, things along that (mumble) things along those lines. Could you explain to me ummm the meaning behind that please? I’m listening”
EVP “That’s the evil parties”
EVP “I’m gonna miss you”

On this file I ask about Tish. I hadn’t heard mention of Tish for quite some time, and as I believe my communicators reshuffle and reform teams I wondered if Tish was still the ‘big boss’ of these communicators. I didn’t get a direct answer but did hear mention of Central (communication station in the afterlife) a couple of times, so I think perhaps my communicators are from that station. I’d previously asked about prayers, and the recent change in communication and heard ‘the helpers are angels’.

EVP “Central”
EVP “The helpers are angels”
EVP “Call Central”
EVP “I’m under the North Sea!”
EVP “Medicine”
EVP “Your face looks the same”
EVP “Nicki – how’s you?”
EVP “You can test the study I made in university”

The middle two EVP are from familiar communicators. I am not sure what to make of the North Sea and university study comment. Maybe some medicine buried under the North Sea??! Perhaps the meaning will be revealed in the fullness of time. Back soon with more paranormal voices.


Nicola (Seeker)

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