The World is Connected, This is very plain! – Be One! EVP from the afterlife

It’s a lovely Sunday here and I had an ITC session this morning which turned out to be emphasizing the message that our world is connected and we need to be one! We do – pass it on. I say a word about embedded EVP at the bottom of this post, if you are interested. Here are a few EVP from today.

“Nic, I’ll never forget Seth”

I got the first part of this EVP on Thursday which I posted on my previous post, ‘just listen – evp from the after life’ . I couldn’t hear the end of the EVP then, but heard it straight away today and knew who was saying it. Seth was a cat, killed before his first birthday. The EVP seems clearer today for some reason.

“D’you hear me?”
“This is Steve Morgan’s wife”

‘Steve Morgan’ is what it sounds like to me.

Urgent Messages from the Spirit World

“The world/word is connected … this is very plain”

The sound dips on “world/word is” so I cannot clearly hear an ‘l’ in ‘world’, so it could be ‘word’. In any event the underlying message is the same. We are all connected and all one so we need to start acting like that and BE one. And on the theme continues on the next recording..

and immediately after..
“Be one”
“Nic, we’re waiting in heaven”
“Be one”
“It’s cool”
.. and altogether…
“Be one” (Same EVP as before, embedded)
“Thank you , I will listen back to that”
“..t’s cool”

I found quite early on that some EVP are said with such urgency or passion they stay on the gibberish file so they reappear over and over again. Though my file has only been used for a week or so, already some EVP are embedding (burning on). I try to avoid posting embedded EVP as I think of them as old, and also ‘cheating’ if reusing, so I can say that the last EVP is made up of at least one EVP which was embedded (wasn’t live) and that’s ‘be one’ which was said earlier today. The ending featuring me signing off, as per usual features an EVP that could have been received on thursday (bottom of my Just listen EVP post). The chances of me signing off at the exact same position as Thursday and receiving ‘it’s cool’ or ‘that’s cool’ both times are tiny, but not non-existent. So on that note, I’m going to sign off and leave you with the lovely voices from another dimension.

Love and light
Nicola (Seeker)

Download button features the entire recording without editing. Usually you won’t want to do this.
Bold is EVP received. Normal font is me.

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  1. Very good session Nicola, I wonder who Steve Morgan wife is? Very clear!

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