Tish Afterlife ITC EVP Collection

This time I’ve decided to convert the full EVP recording sessions to downloadable files as it’s too easy to click on one thinking it is a saved EVP when in fact you’ll be listening to gibberish with no guidance as to what is there. So you can download any of these files, but the ones with a download button are the longer unedited ones.

First recording didn’t yield much but this – cheeky statement, not sure what that’s all about.

“I bet they all flip the fingers”
Me: “Hello there”

As is fairly common, someone will take the half second or so chance to say something before I say hello. šŸ™‚

The first EVP recording was marred, sometimes amusingly, by strange parps, like a bike horn.. I mentioned this. You can hear that both in the recording above and here…

*parp parp*
Me: “.. some unfortunate parps”

I should add that the parps and strange noises come from their side. Usually when they are trying different methods, I think. It’s typical for one recording to present as highly problematic, with subsequent ones being absolutely fine. This is the second (third, but the second yielded nothing) and they seemed to have sorted out the problem as this was the last time I heard any parps. Considering what I was saying, I do think it was probably done intentionally. Silly billies. lol

The recording below is more for my record than anything you may recognize. Tish was said at least three times on my recordings today, however because of the nature of the word – one syllable, and the shhhhh sound, it’s really hard to capture to show you. I’ve included one here..


Tish is terribly important. I am not sure whether Tish is one entity, or whether Tish is many. Research from two years ago showed that Tish is the name of a joyous Jewish celebration hosted at the table of the chief rabbi. It’s also a lady’s name. And unfortunately people using the internet use it as slang meaning shit. Well, really. How common. Tish, in this case, is the ‘big boss’ (this is how Tish is described by my communicators). Tish makes the decisions about who are on the teams, that side… and earthside. Tish is a Really Big Deal. Make no mistake.

“Thanks for that”
“I love you”

What a great day – messages of love and mentions of Tish.

And so I asked about Tish, wondering what might be to come. These last two EVP are really difficult to hear to the untrained ear. But they complete this post and round off the story of communication with the light.

“People missed/loved you”

When I give an alternative word, like in this case – missed or loved, this doesn’t mean I can’t make up my mind which word is being said. Often times the words are said simultaneously, and/or (see what I did there), sound different depending upon the delivery method. Plug the headphones in and you can clearly hear loved. Take them out again and you can hear ‘missed’. Both are correct in this context.

“Let your show begin”

When an ITC researcher is making headway (as I was at one point), they are noticed by the otherside. Not just Tish, the teams or the earthside people, but the people in the light. Marcello Bacci, for example, had literally made a mark on the other side by his constant loving communication. Bacci went home in July 2019 and I don’t believe anyone will grasp, in our lifetime, just how important this man was to us here. Bless him.


Love and blessings to all.


  1. Beautiful EVP Nicola! I hear them all as you do, Take care, Lance.

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