I’m now trying to move all of my ITC research methods onto another computer with a much more powerful audio output. This makes EVP louder, but I’m pretty much back at square one with figuring out the various recording volumes I need to use. So, for a while at least, the EVP are of poorer quality than usual. Here are a few EVP from the last few days.

First we have recognition that I am using better quality sound output – subtlety in this context refers to quietness of the recordings.

Very Electronic Voice Phenomenon

EVP “You’re sorting out the subtlety”

You will notice that at the moment we have put the E in electronic voice phenomenon! The paranormal voices are now slightly more stilted and robotic sounding. I put the same clip through WavePad using ‘voice change’. Don’t ask me what it actually does, but in this instance the voice sounds a little more human – I tried with the other clips and it didn’t work.

EVP “You’re sorting out the subtlety”
EVP “(My name’s) Cody”
EVP “I’m Peter” (whispered)

Peter appeared twice on this file, the EVP above is more complete but slightly ruined by another voice underlying his whisper. And below we have an example of an intelligent, in context response.

Me: “Bah bye”
EVP “Na night … good luck too”

That’s all for now – back soon with some more paranormal voices.


Nicola (Seeker)

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