Today we had fewer EVP than usual which I commented on. It was the third recording before I had anything to post here. I was expecting to hear from a visual ITC team at some point and I think that’s who I had with me today, with the first EVP for this blog stating ‘but I’m visual’.

EVP:”But I’m visual”
EVP:”My dear dad”
EVP:”It’s the thought that’s here”

I’ve been having some aches and pains which seems to be referred to.. and I sometimes hear ‘ecoute’ (french for listen) instead of ‘listen’.

EVP:”You can go to a doctor”
EVP:”You consult her too”
EVP:”At least we’re little”
EVP:”You’re safe”
EVP:”All this pain – you need a consultant to…”
Me:”As per usual I will keep in touch with you”
EVP:”Thank you”

We will be back next week with some more voices from the unseen world.


Nicola (Seeker)

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