“We have internet too, here!” EVP from the Afterlife

Today I changed my format slightly. I had been getting noises that they don’t need me to keep talking throughout the recording sessions. ‘I’ suddenly had the bright idea (not at all put there in the first place by the team!) that I would keep any questions or comments ‘off air’ and give my brothers a full stretch of time to express themselves rather than butting in and constantly thwarting their attempts to reel off an entire message.

This seems to have been successful.

Something has happened that the team were preparing me for over the last few weeks. Messages such as ‘the wait is over’, ‘life changing’ have been filtering through for some weeks. Today, the EVP have been clearer, louder and more strident and this doesn’t seem to be a blip, but a promise of things to come.

I am so grateful I can hardly contain myself. My love goes to you all, my brothers in spirit.

I have already written a political post today about two of their EVP. These others are from the rest of the session.



A name? I suppose it could also be ‘forester’ meaning the vocation.

“I love Nicki a lot”


I get this a lot and it’s probably a burn-on but it always makes me smile like a silly girl.

“I’m asking what we have to do”

I took this as being said to me while my brothers refer to another team or group – perhaps technicians or managers.

“We’d love to support you but we’d want..”

Oh! How irritating that I cannot understand the last word. I think it’s there in its entirety. It may not have been said to me, but amongst themselves. Anybody have any idea?

“I don’t think it would/will be known/noted”

This isn’t very clear, but I’m publishing it to show that intonations and tones of voice are used to express meaning (note the cautious ‘don’t’) on the otherside as well as here.

“My father”

No context.

“They help you sort out the light nicki”

I don’t know who ‘they’ are in this context. Perhaps my own guardian angels? I also don’t know whether to take ‘light’ as the lighting I have in my room or spiritual light!

“We have goats here”
“you can’t touch them”
(“can’t i?”)

O.O Where did that come from? A delightful non-sequitur or something I managed to lose in translation? ‘Ghosts’ seems a more likely substitute for ‘goats’ but I cannot hear it even when I strain really hard!

“Don’t take her/taper off”
“- not now”

This was said about twenty seconds from the end of my last recording session. I think it was a conversation between team members and their technical guys who were perhaps making moves to wrap things up their end.

About three hours after I recorded it I realised they may have been asking me not to stop (“don’t taper off – not now”). Oops!

“Really good”

I think this was a comment about the clarity and smoothness of our recording session. I totally agree!

“We have internet too here”

Perhaps a bit cheeky of me to include this as it isn’t very clear, but if you have audacity you could try slowing it down and it should sound as I have interpreted it. I have been aware for a while that they read this blog, which is why over the course of its lifetime it has waxed and waned from EVP to information back to EVP again.

“What’s up”

“Yes, she now seems ready for this”

I am. Before I think I was not truly ready for what can be miraculously communicated – through a mixture of personal struggles, dealing with the loss of my father which left me bereft and carried its own weight. The sensitivities to the words of others and the feeling I am not good enough also weighed heavily. But working for over a year through highs and lows of communication disasters and wonders, I think I – we – are ready for the next step and whatever that involves. Without fear.

“We love her”

“We love you”

Bless you brothers – the feeling is reciprocated for all of you.

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