I had a couple of days break and rejoined them today, Sunday 26th July 2020. A more instructional feel to the recordings today, with suggestions to use YouTube. The hidden assets mentioned are probably all the EVP that doesn’t make it onto the blog.

“(?) can YouTube”
“It’s YouTube”
“This is a fair truth”
“You can get hidden assets”
“Put it in a natural way”

4186 – More emphasis on publicising our work in some way, ‘notes’ is what they refer to any logging of our work including this blog,

“(Cat?) eager to come in”
“You will adapt to know that”
“This our team think(s)…”
“,,, commission our venue”
“This is it”
“You keep notes – focus!”

I love the last EVP from #4187 – said in response to ending the recording.

Me:”..listen back to that”
“Thanks – Be honest”
“It’s true!”

So during the intervening break, I chatted to my team, as is my (rather bad) habit. I try not to take too much advantage of the fact that I cannot hear their impatience and can find myself rambling on. This time I was discussing the overall tone of the recordings. I told our communicators that I was accepting there may be a much desired change in our communication coming, but because I had been caught by imposters before I was not going to jump up and down in glorious rapture celebrating an upcoming milestone when it could again be an embarassing wild goose chase. I was apologetic, but I know my team understands that – and it would take consistent validation of the same message for me to understand the source.

15 minutes later I record #4188. Tish is ‘the big boss’. Make of that what you will. My own research directed me to the Jewish use of the word Tish to refer to a holy gathering.. I’ve heard Tish is ‘table’. No pronoun detected, nor a more than slight inkling that Tish may be many, though more than worthy of a capital letter.

Tish directs ITC communication and issues the required ‘permits’ for those in the light to communicate.

“They spoke for Tish!”
“Phone Calls”
“Our adapted issues”
“You help him”
“Stay close”

Lovely end message

Nicola (Seeker)

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